5 Tips To Get You Feeling Good About Your Session.

April 20, 2021

A few tips to get you camera ready.


I know walking in front of a camera either be exciting or can feel like you are about to step well out of your comfort zone, but don’t worry I got you beauty!


Here are some tips to get you all prepped for your shoot:

  1. Wear something that you feel beautiful in
  2. What do you plan to do with the images? Hang in the master bedroom, put on display on a mantle or gift someone special? This will help determine what colours in wardrobe as well what background work best for the photo. Also, how the image should be shot-if a vertical or horizontal composition works best for the space you wish to display your photo in .
  3. Being well rested, plan on having some fun, and bringing your best attitude will most definitely help with the outcome of the photos
  4. And in most cases then not, having your makeup and hair done for the session will ABSOLUTELY help elevate your images. This helps with evening out skin tones and create a polished look.
  5. It’s in the details!  To create an interesting images, we might get detailed shots! For a closer shot that would show your hands in the picture, it’s usually a good idea to have nails and cuticles trimmed, no dry skin, remove any lint from clothing, etc. Remember the camera captures everything.


“Remember the camera captures everything.”


More importantly, always remember to keep the lines of communication open with your photographer. If there is a beauty mark or scar that you love, let me know that will remain in tact-photoshop is a great tool but let’s not edit out real life either!  The tools I use for editing skin, etc is never overdone.

By keeping these few tips in mind and your session will run with a bit more ease, you can focus on having a great time and expressing yourself in the most authentic way possible.


Anything else you would want to know about a photo session ?



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