FUPA focused? Here’s a tip when taking that selfie

February 27, 2022

Fupa’s, we all have them.

When looking at the era where the fleshier, curvaceous forms were seen in paintings honouring the female form; this is was the standard shape at the time. Top models and celebrities such as Toccara Jones, Ashley Graham, Anita Marshal, Danika Brysha, and of course the incomparable icon Marilyn Monroe– like of course they should be revered!

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As a child, some of my best memories are centered around the comfort and smell found in my mothers embrace. It reminds me the women in my life; mother, family friends, family came in all shapes and sizes. The round and softness is what I love the most!


Whether you have or haven’t had children -to me – the fupa still represents femininity.



Fupa’s or as I lovingly call it “my soft bit”. This little pocket is one of my most favourite areas because (for those of us who have) this womb space is the beginning of it all. It’s what carried us.

Whether you have or haven’t had children -to me -the fupa represents femininity.

The real introspection occurred when I realized that once my body began to change, my perceptions of how I viewed it needed to follow also.

I had to prove it to myself as I too had evolved in all the stages from being super-athletic, baby bumps, motherly curves, to not being so “perky” as I once was.

On my own journey I had to truly sit with the uncomfortable.

So I set on the self love quest…photographed my Fupa, decorated it with waist beads, painted it with henna and found ways to celebrate it as it was once in those paintings.

I had to love all parts and be truthful in that love.

I have been fortunate enough to photograph women of all shapes, complexions, with or without stretch marks; from the ultra slim to muscular and each either embrace or try to hide certain areas on their bodies.

As a portrait photographer, it’s my job to make you look spectacular in any setting. The above tip is just one of the many I can use to help you during a boudoir or portrait shoot.

Here’s some Fupa tips for when you are ready to take that selfie (sexy or not). This is one pose you can do

If you’ve never had a photo shoot before check out ” how to get camera ready” to help calm your nerves.

Happy shooting!!




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