A quick and fun challenge.

May 5, 2022


A few selfie tips on creating colourful

images using simple tools

Finding ways to make your thread look like curated magic and incorporating these selfie tips.

There are these segments I do , where I set certain challenges.

A few tips to create interesting selfies. Image created with a blue gel over the lens. Black woman in hat posing in portrait..


This is honestly one of my favourite things to do is to teach others how to improve.

DIYing or simply be creating images that they are proud to share.

In my early photography days, I had to be very resourceful and creating from this place really pushed my creativity.

This is a great example of changing up your selfie game!

These simple items can literally be found in the dollar store and can be quite impactful depending on how you decide to execute it.

Here I am using blue and green gels. With the blue gel wrapped around the lens, it creates the vignette or “halo effect” on the outer part of the image.

The green gel in the foreground just adds another layer of drama to the picture.

Get creative with what you use, you are not limited to one type of tool.

Cellophane, plastic, or anything that is transparent can add a bit of dynamism to your image!

So really thinking about what you want a portrait to look like before can really step-up your selfie!

Colourful tips to help create punchy selfies. Portrait of a black woman in hat posing, holding green cellophane in front of face with a blue background and foreground.

Get creative with what you use, you are not limited to one type of tool.

I will be adding more as I go along, but in the meantime enjoy this quick tutorial. please stay tuned for that.

We are fortunate that west of Calgary is the water, lakes and the MOUNTAINS, so we have a lot of natural beauty to work with.

It doesn’t hurt.

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