Pleasure principle

May 7, 2022

Like any boudoir session, this muse both inspires and highlights the importance of being present in ones body.

I have worked with this familiar face in the past on passion projects, workshops( she’s a spiritualist and coach), podcasts, so naturally a boudoir session was in order. 🙂

The synergy with this amazing individual has allow me to stretch myself once again but in a very different way.

The last time we collaborated we were discussing doing a boudoir shoot-and boy, she delivered.

Nicole allowed me to capture this session in natural light, and for those who don’t know, I am a studio photographer. I carry a lot of equipment on location, and did so again with this session.

But clearly it was unnecessary!

This is one out of the many reasons I adore boudoir because it really is about connection to self.

However, looking at our surroundings, the light coming into the room and colours we chose; this allowed me to strip down to the bare minimum and I absolutely loved how her pictures turned out!

We decided to go with simple neutral colours, black, red and of course –au naturale 🙂

The best part of working with Nicole, is that immediately she is completely in her body and know the best ways to move ( courtesy of her dance background).

I asked for her to connect with the camera, a bit of breath-work,   embody and move with how she was feeling-and to connect with that feeling throughout , along with a few more tips and goodies to help the session progression.

And like most of the muses that come to the studio they too eventually find their rhythm and just connect with that woman that doesn’t naturally get to shine.

This past session helped me realize the importance of sitting in one’s body. Due to past life experiences and traumas, I have found it an easy default to disassociate from body, from my feminine.

I relied solely on the mind in every aspect of life.

This is one out of the many reasons I adore boudoir because it is really is about connection to self.

This muse really embodies mind, soul, body connection in anything that she does!

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