Anonymous boudoir session turns up heat factor!

June 16, 2022

It’s all in the sexy details…

“When posing in an anonymous boudoir session, it really is about the details”

One of my many joys as a photographer is shooting details…for a minute I thought I was going to pursue macro photography(shooting super close images that magnify every detail), but I was destined and love shooting people!

Anonymous boudoir sessions are a great chance to focus on the details and have the experience while keeping your identity a secret.

Let me explain.

More specifically, women who recently have moved into the headspace of celebrating their feminine -however that presents itself.

The boudoir sessions start with

Legs, shoes, silhouettes and outlines, back , the options are endless.

The hope is once you see yourself in this way, you will fall in love with the pictures and have some body appreciation for what is naturally yours.

And can I say your ass looks —spectacular!

Remaining anonymous can still be sexy!

Now, not every muse that passes through the studio is comfortable with showing her face.

Because of how intimate these portraits are, she can take comfort knowing she can still get to express this side of herself but in a much more “artful” way.

However, I will tell you this-these session can still be so hot.

Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes, welllll 😉

If you’re a bit on the shy side, I can still do a boudoir session for you-actually these session can prove quite spicy.

In that case, we just shoot sexy details that you can have and remain anonymous.

The best part is you can keep the sexy secret to yourself and enjoy your art.

There are so many cute and colourful options to help you for your session.

Some of my favourite lingerie brands I have already listed in a previous post. What I love most about these brands is they have a fantastic range for all body types.

We’re way past solid colours or flowers here, from the most cute and demure to sexy and femme fatale! Take your pick.

Back of woman in lingerie holding onto her hips in anonymous boudoir session.

With these anonymous boudoir sessions it really is in the details, you literally can play and have a bit of fun! You explore or create, dress up or down, finding out how you best want to express your sensuality isn’t limited.

And can I say, your ass looks—spectacular!

This muse decided that she wanted to show her favourite assets. We decided to take one of her favourite movies, “Basic Instinct” as inspo for the shoot.

Ithink you know the scene 😉

I loved playing with light and shadow to create a bit of mystery and the femme fatale feel of the 90s we were going for.

So proud of the results of this session and so was she!

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