Top Boudoir Highlights of 2022

March 23, 2023

I had changed how I will be performing my session in a new environment! I am completely mobile but as a creature of habit I thought it was going to be such a challenging coming out of my comfort zone, working from my old studio but I don’t hate being proven wrong-especially with such amazing results! In this post you’ll find a few of my top boudoir highlights session from the past year.

Moody Natural Light

This natural light shoot, literally consisted of a large window light and bed. It was very striped back as we wanted the session to feel natural and be comfortable without all the extras.

During our time together, I wanted to focus on the tones, soft light and how well it looked on her skin, she was just luminous.

Muse N. allowed me into her home, we used one room and I love the variety we accomplished.

I hadn’t done a natural light shoot of this nature in quite sometime so it was great to play with the supplied light.

Muse A: client’s sultry black femme fatale wardrobe

Since I am coming back into boudoir again, I decided why not reward someone with a boudoir session? The hope was to attract someone who hadn’t done this type of photography before.

I was successful.

During this session there were a few basics that worked as essentials for the this session. Covering the basics: black leather and lace? CHECK!

Muse A’s came in with a quiet and confident demeanour but delivered a sultry wardrobe!

The location offered a lot of variety with tufted chaise and lounger, dimmable lighting, and large bright windows gave us enough range to take a few different images.

When asked how she was going to surprise her partner with her images, she said “I have been hiding them around the house.”

I loved the idea of a kinky scavenger hunt!

Getting grounded…in an outdoor session

Last October was unseasonably warm, so we ventured out to Big Spring Hills where there are natural waterfalls, bright oranges and reds leaves of the trees that acted as the a beautiful background for the session.

Fortunately for me, Muse M. was adventurous! We hiked up the trail where we were greeted with the amazing falls.

Admittedly, we got to the location early to take advantage of the rising sun and its glorious light. The large trees provided enough coverage, creating this even lighting.

The serene sounds of the water and her lingerie choices complimented everything for this session.

Just for her

And of course, there are those session that are done just because. “I want to show those who think they know me, they have no idea at all!”. “Post these pictures everywhere!”

She’s speaking my language!

Muse C. sought me out to capture the sensuality she keeps locked up inside and felt for a milestone birthday she wanted to ‘let ’em all know that she ain’t playing around.’

The wardrobe was cute, sexy, and nude implied.

These are they type of sessions that keep my photography fun and engaging. She was open for anything pose/idea I had thrown her way.

These top boudoir highlights have me even more excited for what’s to come in 2023! Stay tuned.

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