In this space I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and give you an idea of why I love to capture images in the next best way you have given me the honour in doing so...through photography.
I found photography many moons ago but later in my journey found its not about just the image but the intention behind it.
I know as someone who found it hard to connect with self and be comfortable within my own femininity, there was always the desire to fill in a spot that was missing.
Let's explore this healing journey, and work around the hang-ups around sensuality and sexuality.

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I have been on this personal journey since 2017, on what it means to be a woman to be feminine.
Women’s circles, lectures, reading all types of literature from womb wisdom to natural healing, to expressive dance, to jewelry making and body adornment, drum circles, to and I found one linear thread in all of a these areas.

the photog behind the lens

a closer look at

Women wanting a sense of belonging, and a deep value in identifying and owning their worth-and I truly know this because I was on the same path of self-discovery. 
I found boudoir through my own session, it had allowed for creativity but also connection-and finally getting  reacquainted with my the sensual part of myself in a session. 

We encourage women to challenge the narrative that exists today. She doesn't need external validation; she realizes
the power of defining herself truly from within and dismisses those who try to tell her who she is.
Whether expressing herself in her sensuality or deciding her position in the world,
we've created a sanctuary for her to do just that.

exploring & expanding.
the power of clearly defining who your are and expressing on your own terms.

our philosophy