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What speaks to you? Where are you on your journey?

I know as someone who found it hard to connect with self and be comfortable within my own femininity, there was always the desire to fill a spot that I felt was missing.

In our consultation, we discuss the type of shoot you will be most proud of! We talk about theme, clothing selections, colours and provide a vision board we both contribute to while planning
your session.

We send out an email that includes a questionnaire to get a great sense of your aesthetic and style along with your expectations for hair and makeup; the time , location and information from our makeup artist of any special prep needed for the day of your shoot.
By the time you arrive to shoot, every detail has been taken care of-you literally just show up and the rest
is taken care of!

Your session begins with hair and makeup which take 1.5 hours,
Afterwards our stylist helps narrow down the outfits you brought that compliments the direction of the shoot. It's absolutely normal to feel nervous but myself and the team will put you at ease.
I will do mirror posing and work with you to get the best looks for any body type! " I will pose you down to your toes."
Prepare for a day of pampering. Your pictures will look fabulous! 
The studio acts as a sanctuary. We encourage you to take back and claim who you are without interference
of the outside ideals or objections to how you evoke that feminine spirit. 

                You alone define your sensuality!