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I had changed how I will be performing my session in a new environment! I am completely mobile but as a creature of habit I thought it was going to be such a challenging coming out of my comfort zone, working from my old studio but I don’t hate being proven wrong-especially with such amazing […]

It’s all in the sexy details… “When posing in an anonymous boudoir session, it really is about the details” One of my many joys as a photographer is shooting details…for a minute I thought I was going to pursue macro photography(shooting super close images that magnify every detail), but I was destined and love shooting […]

introduction to falana

  A few selfie tips on creating colourful images using simple tools Finding ways to make your thread look like curated magic and incorporating these selfie tips. There are these segments I do , where I set certain challenges.   This is honestly one of my favourite things to do is to teach others how […]