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I had changed how I will be performing my session in a new environment! I am completely mobile but as a creature of habit I thought it was going to be such a challenging coming out of my comfort zone, working from my old studio but I don’t hate being proven wrong-especially with such amazing […]

Fupa’s, we all have them. When looking at the era where the fleshier, curvaceous forms were seen in paintings honouring the female form; this is was the standard shape at the time. Top models and celebrities such as Toccara Jones, Ashley Graham, Anita Marshal, Danika Brysha, and of course the incomparable icon Marilyn Monroe– like […]

          If you are looking for a portrait photographer in Calgary, I think my  perspective can provide a solution! As a photographer, working with someone you have great synergy with is a dream come true. Additionally, finding the right energy, look, colour and music; helped tell the story for Nicole’s marketing […]