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I have been on this personal journey since 2017, on what it means to be a woman to be feminine.
I found photography many moons ago but later in my journey found its not about just the image but the intention behind it. It wasn't until I had my own boudoir session that I knew this is an experience I wanted to offer other women.
Women’s circles, lectures, reading all types of literature from womb wisdom to natural healing, to expressive dance, to jewelry making and body adornment, drum circles, to and I found one linear thread in all of a these areas.
Discovering our feminine sensuality and fully connecting with ourselves and our bodies is a journey, but one well worth taking. External factors (and just plain life) often gets in our way, while societal, cultural, and physical limitations and judgments can often prevent or repress expression of the feminine.

Not many spaces allow BlPOC or those with disabilities can experience this without judgement. Societal, cultural, physical limitations can often times repress expression of the feminine.
I know as someone who found it hard to connect with self and be comfortable within my own femininity, there was always the desire to fill in a spot that was missing. 

Falanafoto creates a space for you to expand inwardly, liberating and helping you to reclaim the sensual part of yourself that may never have been given the room to breathe. We offer a fusion of feminine veneration and spirituality expressed through portraiture and boudoir photography, utilizing the tools of sound, textures, and sensuality.


xx Lola

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