Looking for a portrait photographer in Calgary? I think I might have a solution!

May 27, 2021






If you are looking for a portrait photographer in Calgary, I think my  perspective can provide a solution!

As a photographer, working with someone you have great synergy with is a dream come true.

Additionally, finding the right energy, look, colour and music; helped tell the story for Nicole’s marketing and social media’s strategy.

This goddess and I have worked together on another project of mine and as as a result, we created some beautiful images.

While sometime as passed since we last collaborated; the magic was still in effect.  This time around she needed  new images for her business but done so with some creative flair.

We put together a vision board and what we wanted the vibe and aesthetic to feel like and the results are just heavenly.

We were able to explore one of her many gifts: Dance! This creative portrait session created pictures that show movement. The best poses were when she was motion

The session allowed for both to flex a few muscles that allow for her to showcase what an embodied feminine means to her and in her journey.

Nicole is the creatrix of The Goddess Moves, Dancer, Coach, Educator, Writer. “She weaves movement alchemy, Goddess wisdom embodiment, womb wisdom, and ancestral practices with our modern society.”

Right?! A real powerhouse!

I love being a photographer and these kinds of projects always stretch what I normally create!

I always enjoy working with entrepreneurial women, and creatives to alchemize a singular vision that speaks clearly to the soul of the individual.

If this sounds like you or if you are just looking to share good energy and creative images, please check out my work here.



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