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A few tips to get you camera ready.   I know walking in front of a camera either be exciting or can feel like you are about to step well out of your comfort zone, but don’t worry I got you beauty!   Here are some tips to get you all prepped for your shoot: […]

5 Inclusive Lingerie Brands that celebrate curvier women ! The blog takes a look at a few brands that provide sexy options for my fuller figure ladies! Ok, Muses… Here’s the scoop! I have been doing some research to help you ladies out! That is cuz I love ya but also because this is one […]

Some of my best memories are around music it is a completely visceral experience and most definitely helps inform my photographic style. Even during a session, there’s always a tune playing to help set a mood and vibe of a shoot. Boudoir really helps you tap into part of yourself that we ladies might otherwise […]